Friday, July 16, 2010


We've been churning out content on FirstBoat for about ten years now, and for at least a few through our DailyBoater blog. But for the past few months we've been really diligent about getting at least a brief message out virtually every business day.

And in many respects this is starting to pay off. Not only are we starting to see other blogs and boating sites reference our content, but we are starting to get recognized by traditional media as well.

A couple of websites that have mentioned FirstBoat or DailyBoater recently include: wrote up an overview of our entire network of Nautical Sites.

The Daily Reviewer says about DailyBoater: "This blog is one of the best boating blogs out there."

Romare Yacht Blog says "Thank you very much to for this clear and simple explanation why boats are always too small" lists both our DailyBoater and BoatNameBlog in their top 50 boat blogs.

FindingDulcinea highlights FirstBoat among a select handful of top boating sites.

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