Friday, March 20, 2009

Our Little Contest

I am honored that a team of young women that is planning to row a boat across the Atlantic has chosen me to help them name their boat.

It is such a big honor, in fact, that I can't do it myself.

That is why I enlisted Ask the Boater to help start a contest to let people from all over the country help them pick a name.

It is a testament to the team that we were able to scrape together over $650 in prizes in a very short amount of time, and by the end of the month the girls should have hundreds of names to choose from.

There are a couple of different ways to suggest a boat name and enter the contest. For starters, please visit our friends at Ask the Boater, or our own boat name blog.

I am also psyched that Alan Sorum, publisher of has found interest in the team, and has written about them and the contest at his blog on Suite 101.

Last but not least, an interesting array of sponsors has stepped up to support the contest, including Perricone and several others.

Please keep the boat names coming in!