Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome to CA World WiFi

Glad to have CA World WiFi on board as a new advertiser at

It's really a great fit - CA World WiFi, based in Florida, provides WiFi equipment for all environments, and specializes in providing solutions that are tailored for harsh outdoor environments. They know what saltwater, wind and rain can do to sensitive electronics and build products accordingly.

With's position in Google for keywords related to Wi-Fi and marinas, CA World couldn't have picked a better site to sponsor!

If you run a marina - or any outdoor establishment - and want a better solution to offer Internet to your patrons, please visit CA World WiFi or call them at 561-245-7823.


  1. I went to and found the site to be very comprehensive in wifi equipment. They seem to have experience in the marine and marina area and we are about to give them our business for wifi equipment. Their sales and support staff are very informative.

  2. Good to hear such positive feedback about an advertiser. Thanks for posting!