Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks to NBOA Marine Insurance

When new boaters realize that boats need insurance, they usually turn to the National Boat Owner’s Association (NBOA), Marine Insurance Agency, on the web at NBOAT.com

NBOA gets it, because they do more than just sell boat insurance. First of all, they specialize - they only insure boats, so they probably already know what YOU need and can be trusted to guide you to get the right coverage for your new boat.

Second, they don't just give quotes and play the numbers game. Instead, they provide useful, free information, such as this primer on boat insurance.

Third, it may sound obvious, but believe it or not this is not true of all insurance agencies - NBOA offers low rates AND only provides top-rated insurance to their customers.

Best of all, they understand the value of a good story and had the good sense to publish our list of top ten boat names on their website in their marine industry news page.

For that, and for providing great service to boaters, we say "thank you" to NBOA.

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  1. I personally like BoatU.S. insurance better. All they handle are boats and boat trailers.